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Our Bride's Horror Turned Happily Ever After

From The Photographers @ DK Phipps Studios :

We met Brilyn 10 years ago when she came with her family for family beach portraits from Ohio to Florida. Brilyn was one of the 3 triplets within this huge family. She stood out as I remember back then .... She was just a bright light to have around . She was also madly in love back then, to be so young and so certain who she wanted to spend the rest of her life with was nice to see. She had found her lobster as Phoebe says on the famous

episode of Friends.

Life can change in a blink of an eye. One horrible day came and Brilyn’s bright light immediately became unimaginable darkness. That day she lost the love of her life to a very horrible accident at his work. Keeping up with Brilyn on social media was always so fun until this day . I am sure everyone reading her post was just like us - had their heart fall to their stomach in agonizing pain for Brilyn .... You could feel the pain I remember so vividly. How was she going to get through this pain. One thing I knew for sure without a doubt is that Brilyn had a STRONG relationship like us with God. I remember praying to God to wrap his healing arms around this poor young woman, and heal her heart fast, Lord.

And as always my prayers were answered.

A little time had passed, and during that time, I would think of her often ....

Wondering how she was doing , but also being 20 yrs her elder, I wanted to give her her peace to heal in her own time. I did secretly envision her having God bring someone into her life to love so deeply again. She just didn't deserve to walk in such darkness for too long.

I remember reading again on social media that her then " Wedding Photographer " was not going to give her money back due to the cancellation of their wedding ??????????

I cannot tell you how much that disgusted me to the core. I reached out to Brilyn and I told her that I would reach out to that photographer on behalf of our industry if she wanted me to. How could anyone hold funds from a woman who lost her husband to be ???????

At that moment I remember envisioning this young woman meeting her soul mate, getting married, and for us being her photographers. When I think back it all seems so unreal, because Brilyn lived so far away from Florida. I put that out there though, and I even said to Dan, " I would never have treated Brilyn so horribly like that wedding photographer did, and I wish I could make this darkness in her life go away. "

I was soooooo shocked at the behavior of " one of us. "

Skip ahead in life a little while, watching from a far on Brilyn's social media wall ........

I think I saw love blossoming again? Praying I was right .....

It was no sooner that I saw a couple of romantic posts that we got a text on my phone .......

From Brilyn:

" Hey !!! Wanted to let you know that I am now engaged !!!!

And I want to get married in Daytona !!!!

You are my first choice for a wedding photographer !!!

Are you open the weekend of May 28th ???? "

We could not believe our eyes ..... I actually am crying now writing this story .... crying happy tears for Brilyn. So much pain had slowly started to wash away and she found love again. I learned further that Connor was her dearly departed's friend from High School that miraculously wound up working for her father on his Clydesdale Horse Farm !!!!!!

The story was told to us during his toast at her wedding, When Brilyn was first introduced to Connor ... her Daddy heard his daughter laugh again , and it had been so long since he heard that sound. I don't know about anyone else, but being a mother .....

I cannot fathom having to see your child go through so much pain. Wanting so desperately to make it go away. You would do anything.

Connor was a true GIFT FROM GOD ( guided by Logan )

I quickly looked at our calendar ..... I replied, “ YES !!!!!!!! WE WERE WIDE OPEN ( we had May 21st and June 2 nd booked BUT NOT MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND )

THANK YOU GOD !!!!!!!!!

Then I texted a thought, and told her there is no other place on earth

( well here in Daytona lol ) that would be more perfect than Estate On The Halifax.

I quickly texted Cara and asked for open dates .... She always replies so quickly , and it was set ..... May 27th, 2022 we would be capturing their precious wedding day .....

Being a huge part of Brilyn's start to her happily ever after !

We were going to SPOIL THEM !!!!!

From their coaching " Pre-Ceremony " session getting them ready for Romance Our Style , Through the wedding day ...... THEY WERE MAGICAL !!!!

I sent Brilyn the " ROCK STARS " OF WEDDING VENDORS ......

and she trusted my judgement . It was PERFECTION ....

Readers, Check Out for yourselves ...... Especially their music video love story .....

( this was from their coaching session Pre-Ceremony )

Connor + Brilyn ~ A Love Story ...

Cinematic Wedding Photography


DK Phipps Studios

DK Phipps Studios


Wedding Gown Designer :

Essence Of Australia


Floral Designer:

Katherine Bloom & Co.


MUA + Hair Designers :

Gloss Beauty Bar


Champagne Toast :

Josh Cellars


Wedding Tuxedo Designer :

Calvin Klein @ Men's Warehouse


Wedding Event Held @

Estate On The Halifax


Wedding Rings Designer :

Baker & Baker Jewelers


Wedding Sign Guest Book

By :

Heritage Sign Co.


Wedding Caterer :

Aunt Catfish's On The River

Wedding Guest

Celebrity DJ


Too Much FUN Seeing Steph Singing Her Song

While Dancing With The Bride On The Dance Floor

Event DJ :

DJ JukeBox Bully - Danna


Wedding Cake Designer :

Treats & Sweets Cakery



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