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This Is Us
The DK Duo

First We Both Want To Say,

Warmest Of Congratulations 🍾🎈🎉 On Your Upcoming Marriage!

We imagine this is the Most Exciting time

for you both thus far.


Before moving forward,

We would like to give you a sneak peek

at how we approach every wedding day.


Howey Mansion Scott Robert Lim Wedding

'You Don't Know The Value Of A Moment 

Until It Becomes A Memory'
                                                 ~ Dr. Seuss

Howey Mansion Wedding Photographer

What Do We Bring To The Table ?


Dan & Kimberly think the best moments are caught

when we are APART of the action ….

Not taking the same old boring pictures from far away.

Think of us as family members who have


Documenting every single moment, as it’s happening,


Moments you will see from all of our past Wedding Collections are

A.L.L. C.O.M.P.L.E.T.E.L.Y. R.E.A.L.

They are also unique to YOUR Love 💗 Story,

not the same as every couple you see on Pinterest or Instagram

and NOTE : ' NEVER ' Blown Out , & Blurry .

Pay CLOSE ATTENTION to our lighting ,

This is what we are known for !


We also believe in taking moments ' AS IS  '

not telling you both how your moments ' SHOULD BE. '

We will give just a few tips, but we like you both to show us 'Your' Love 💗


We like your Love 💗 Story to unfold before our lenses,

we are just there to catch them.


Your Wedding Day will be remembered for years to come having all those feelings flood back as you stroll back in time ….


' NOT ' remembering your wedding day as the photographers telling you both what to do and ruining all the “ FEELS “


But always Keep in mind, We also “HAVE TO” take the normal wedding imagery of course. 

Grandma always wants to see you looking at the cameras !

( Kidding, “ Not Kidding “ 🙃 )


Some couples will describe our style as

“ Richly Filled With Emotion - Dramatic  -

with the True Ambient Lighting that was ' Organically '  there. “


We are Known For Our Award Winning Lighting. We Proudly Use The EPIC Stella Reflex S Lighting System #FlexYourReflex

We Know How To Photograph In ANY Lighting Situation,   


This Mastery Takes YEARS To Acquire.


You Will Never See Blown Out - Bright & Airy Photography by us.



We are #StellaProLights  #StellaPro


Howey Mansion Wedding Photography
Howey Mansion Wedding Photographers

We would love for you to check out our

Press Page and see the latest Galleries we are being featured in

all around the world 🌍,


See the latest award we have won at

the International Photographic Competition,

or See the latest Wedding Magazines we have been Featured In.


One more thing we would like to point out and we are most proud of,

OVER 360 couples like you have left us a Google 5 Star 🌟 Review.

There isn’t a higher compliment than that !!!!

( All 3 Studios , Yes , We Own 3 ) established in 2004  -

Our Day Wedding Photography established in 2010  -

Luxury Brand DK Phipps Studios established in 2022. - 

Always Taking Wedding Photography To The Next Level

Proudly Featuring The Stella Pro Reflex S Lighting System. #FlexYourReflex


Here is the direct link to the past HIGHLIGHTS of our approach to

A Real Wedding Day …


We are truly honored that you connected with us

and cannot wait to hear back from you both. 

Be Sure To Check Out Our  Exclusive Design in

Our ' To Have & To Hold ' Collection 

The French Door Wedding Book

Scott Robert Lim Howey Mansion Wedding

Wedding Photography  DK Phipps Studios Luxury Cinematic Photographers

DK Phipps Studios Wedding Photographers
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