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Keep All Eyes On The Both Of You Throughout Your Wedding Day

Choosing Everyone You Both Know

To Be A Special Part

Of Your Bridal Party

Can Be A 'BIG' Mistake

Instead Of Having 10 Attendants On Each Side

With SO Many Personalities & Needs

Why Not Give Them A Special Gift

During The Reception In Front Of Everybody

A Special Token To Have & To Hold

From This Day Forward

From The Bottom Of Your Heart!

Here is Today’s


Keep All Eyes On

The Both Of You

Throughout Your Wedding Day

Let’s Face It ,

The Price Of Just Even Buying A Dress

Or Renting A Tux Is Expensive!

Why Put The Pressure On Your 10 Friends

That Probably Would Have More Fun

Being A ‘Royal Guest.’

Take a moment and imagine this…

The Bride’s Closest Friends:

The Meal Has Been Served

And You Both Are At Your Sweetheart Table

The DJ Makes A Special Announcement

“ Everyone, May I Have Your Attention Please ? “

“ As You Enjoy This Wonderful Food

The Couple Has Had Specially Prepared

For All Of You,

May I Ask

{DJ Then Announces

Names Of Your Special Guests}

Can You Please Come Up To The Sweetheart Table

To Join The Couple?

Your Dearest Friends Will Be Shocked

At First, They Might Blush As They Creep Up

Not To Mention :

Everyone In The Room Will Wonder

What Is Going On… So Many Reactions …

The Bride Is Handed The Mic….

Beautiful Gifting @

In Lieu Of Having You Spend A Ton Of Money

Buying A Dress You Will Only Wear Once,

Paying Out Tons Of Traveling Costs ,

Having To Throw Me A Bridal Party,

I Wanted To Bring You Up Here

Next To Me Today,

To Tell You How Much You Mean To Me

And How This Doesn’t Mean

You Lose A Friend ,

You Just Gain Another!

And Also,

I Still Need Someone In My Corner

To Tell Him When He’s Wrong!

Your Friends Will Feel SO Loved

And Relieved Because

They Can Just Enjoy Your Wedding Day

Without The Whole Mess Of Obligations

The Groom:

Now He/She Doesn’t Have To Ask

So Many Guys He Hardly Knows

To Match Your Count!

Boys Will Be Boys,

And As We Have Seen

During Almost Every Wedding,

On The Guys Side

They All Are There


They Don’t Want To Invest The Time

It Takes To Be "Present" For Their Friend.

Most Of The Time They Are

Under The Influence Of Something

Keeping The Groom Distracted

Never Dressed On Time

And Undressed Before

The Time Of The Cutting The Cake?


Ps: We Never Know Who They Were

At The Reception Due To The Outfit Change!

Guys LOVE Cool Gifts

AND The Attention In Front Of Everyone

Juan + Cindy Gifted The Most Amazing

Heartfelt Treasures

@ Their Orchid Garden Affair

One Of The Very Last Weddings There

Before Demolition

Check Out Their Wedding Highlights HERE

Being Called Up To The Sweetheart Table

Will Be Remembered and Treasured Forever.

Now Let’s Spill Some Tea,

Shall We ?

As Photographers,

We Have Seen The Worst Of The Worst!

9 Times Out Of 10

Time Constraints During The

Wonderful Flow Of

The Wedding Day

Are Due To The Simple FACT,

Of Having Too Many Cooks In The Kitchen!

Another Exception To The Rule !

There Is ALWAYS Someone In The Bridal Party

That Doesn’t Like Their Hair/Makeup

Someone Who Forgot Something At Home

Which WAS Their One And Only JOB!

Someone ALWAYS Runs Out Of Time

Acting Sluggish From Lack Of Sleep,

Because Of Partying Too Much

The Night Before

Heck, You Cannot Blame Them

They Are Usually On Vacation Too!

Asking Them To Buy A Dress They Ultimately Hate,

Stand Around For Hours

Taking Pictures By Your Side,

Might We Add ~ Never Smiling At The Same Time

Always An Exception To The Rule Pictured Below

Sitting Without Their Family or Spouse

At The Reception,

Bending Over In Heels A Million Times

To Fluff Your Dress,

Kayla's Maid Of Honor Was Proud To Do This Each & Every Time ... lol

Having To Calm Your Nerves Down

When You Are Getting Stressed,

All The While,

Feeling Starvation Pains

Because They Don’t Have Any Time To Eat Something!

They Would Much Rather Just Be A Guest

As Stated In The Famous Tale

“ Beauty And The Beast ”

Time After Time,

We Have Asked Couples

During Their Twilight Session

“Was There Anything You Would Change?”

“Was There Anything You Would Do Different?”

The Couples With Enormous Wedding Parties

Always Say,

We Would Not Have As Many

People In Our Wedding Party

Seriously Couples Reading This Post,

You Will Thank Us!

Maybe In Lieu Of Tons Of Friends,

Please Take Our Advice

And Hire A Crew Of People

Who Will Be At Your Beckon Call

Who Are Professionals!

Instead Of The Bridesmaids,

Consider A Professional

Who’s Expertise Is To Be

Your Personal Assistant

( i.e. - A Wedding Coordinator

' Exclusively ' For The Bride )

During The Entire Wedding Day.

The Groom Has A Butler

( Exclusively For The Groom )

This Is Again A Professional

Hired To Take Care Of Only You.

Limit The Number Of Bridesmaids & Groomsmen

Choose ONE Guest Of Honor Instead,

On Each Side

Your Bestest Friend or Sibling.


The Amount Of Money You Will Save

Just On Florals, Gifts, and Accomodations Alone,

Will Shock You!

The Wedding Photography

Will Also Grant You A

Handsome Savings

As Our Studios Always Increase The Investment

For Enormous Wedding Parties.

Hey Folks,

It’s A Ton Of Added Editing Time!

Your Wedding Ceremony

Will Have A Shorter

Processional After All,

Instead Of A Crowd Standing Up With You,

Consider An Intimate Pair.

You Will Definitely Know

Who's The Wedding Couple

In Your Pictures!

Keep All Eyes On The Both Of You,

Throughout Your Wedding Day!

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